Sunday, 3 January 2016

Welcome back!

Where have I been? Actually nowhere. I decided to come back here but in a different way. I want to make this blog something different than before. I want to share here most of the things I do but I do not share with anyone. I always thought that sharing is an important part of the human life and, if someone learns something from me, I will be very glad to help him?

Does it mean I will recover old projects, I don't know. What is for sure is that I didn't stop making things, and it is the time to share them with the community. I hope you have a nice time, and if you have any question, just post a comment and I will answer as soon as possible.

Thank you very much and, welcome back!

(New web page is still WIP)


  1. Gracias por todo el soporte que diste a la comunidad de Samsung Galaxy Ace! Aunque ahora con un nuevo móvil, recuerdo esos días mirando tu blog casi todos los días para ver posibles noticias de desarrollo! Eres un grande tio, te deseo lo mejor y me alegra saber que vuelves a estar activo en el blog.
    Gracias por todo Biel!

  2. No recordaba este blog, pero lo vi en mis matcadored y recordé lo mucho que entraba a este blog a ver avances con el galaxy ace. Muchas gracias Biel, aunque ya tengo otro teléfono. Lo sé, es casi lo mismo que dice el comentario anterior, pero bueno, así es esto, suerte con tus planes a futuro con tu blog y carrera de desarrollado

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