Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Many good news!

So, I've many good news to tel you, although they are not releated to audio!

One of them is that, as an admin of androidarmv6, they leave me the honor to port BCM21553 drivers and devices configurations to androidarmv6 organisation! (Branch ics-plus).
For poeple that do not know what androidarmv6 organisation is, I'll make you an explanation:
Androidarmv6 is an origanisation created to bring latest android versions to armv6 devices (mainly msm7x27 devices). Those armv6 devices were discontinued by Google and by CyanogenMod when ICS was released. Androidarmv6 is the organisation that keeps this devices updated.
In other words, androidarmv6 is CyanogenMod for armv6 devices. And getting support from them (us) will improve alot (not ICS, but maybe Jelly Bean or KK). The porting to androidarmv6 repos will start after my exams are over...

Second new, Alberto96 has made a good work, and we have ported all the changes to BroadcomCM organisation. I've build the changes and test them. I can surely say that new version will be the SMOOTHER ROM ever made for BCM21553 devices. Also they are smaller fixes too, but for the moment, it is a nice work made by us! Everything as always on BroadcomCM github. Drivers still very unstable, lots of FCs, not yet prepared for release. Video? there you have it:

Another good new I have is the common kernel. It is not yet stable, and I have not tested on other devices. Everytime I tried to make a common kernel, the kernel resulting on not booting... and why? Because of bad vermagic verision! Thanks to Alberto96 and TheWhisp we have fixed bad vermagic (a bug which Rafael Bauguis fight alot with) and we can create new kernel versions without breaking modules loading! That's awsome, so commo kernel can be started.

And well, that's releated to the kernel too. I've succefully added some simple governors and I/O schedurels thanks to lopicl.00, he provide me the source. Also a new logarithm is added to create new frequencies (still need to be tested), at the moment 6 frequencies are added. NO OVERCLOCK is permitted on our board at the moment, so don't ask me that too.

Stay tuned for more news, and... time to study again!

Monday, 21 April 2014

Work on Kernel

I know people are really excited about CyanogenMod 9.1 for our devices and many people think that the main fix I should make is the audio working and such... But we lack of something, and this is the kernel. Without a proper kernel, we can not make any type of base, and everything will be bugged...
Alberto96 has joined us, and has joined in a very good way! He is workin now on CyanogenMod 9.1 while I'm working on the new kernel a bit more (apart from studying -_-).
What will that kernel be? Well... that kernel will be the best kernel out there, or that's our purpose. We want to make the 'evolution' of the specific kernel and make it bcm21553 common.

The work of this kernel has been made from entirely scratch. We are even basing it from stock ROM. At the moment the kernel has 6 frequencies and we are working on first governor support. Remember that I'm not a kernel expert :/ All of my work can be found here:

More info can be found on the README of the repo.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Alberto96 joins BroadcomCM

So, as many users noticed at XDA, a new member has joined us to BroadcomCM family! This guy is Alberto Guanti also known on the forums as Alberto96. He has made some big works on Galaxy Mini i, so it is nice to have a developer interested on BroadcomCM project with this device!

Alberto96 is a well known developer over XDA and has big expierence which should make me learn and create even better things! So stay tuned for more news!

Oh and thanks to him, we have a new bug solved to be included on next release! See you soon!

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Time passing, from newbie to developer

So, I just realised a thing that I wanted to share with all the people visiting my blog. Yesterday I released CyanogenMod 9 Beta 4. This made me think, and while I was on Youtube I saw my first video on Youtube! My first adventure on Android "development", the begging of what I am now, 2 years ago.

This video was the "review" of CyanogenMod 9 Beta 4 for Galaxy Ace (msm7x27 - qualcomm) made by an actual friend! From Maclaw and Marcin. It is kind of weird, that in 2 years I just turned my life arround, from making a review of a ROM I really loved, from creating that ROM for you! And nearly the same phone (outside looking  - cooperve)! Who ever though that!

For people interested, I will leave my first review, and my first step on Android development, CyanogenMod 9 Beta 4 made by Maclaw for MSM7x27 chipset! You can compare its performance from my Beta 4. (Think that Galaxy Ace, Qualcomm based, has 3500 points on Antutu while Broadcom based has 1900).

Never give up! I was like many users making reviews too! Never stop learning!

Friday, 18 April 2014

CM9.1 Beta 4 is out!

So no more waiting for next release of CyanogenMod 9.1 for BroadcomCM devices. This release is not as huge as Beta 3 but it includes new stability features along with some small fixes... Well see the changelog!
  • Fixed RIL (2G and 3G/H+ working)
  • Fixed SMS / MMS sending and recieving
  • IMEI reading fixed too
  • Added libbrcm_ril from CM7 device tree
  • Added back libasound (deprecated on ICS) but called by RIL
  • Removed wrong configs for RIL on BoardConfig
  • New RIL build.prop tweak that was deprecated
  • Clean up overlay on device tree
  • Fixed more layout issues on LDPI overlay (tassve and totoro)
  • Fixed Orange weird animations on LDPI devices
  • Sensors fixed for Tassve
  • Fixed PRDOUCT_NAME on Tassve
  • Fixed battery stats (linear bar)
  • Fixed 1% battery bug (some users expierencing it, like me)
So as always get the ROM for the Download page up on my blog, or click HERE.

As said, time to study! Development stopped for 2 weeks, see you later!

Some more fixes for next release!

This is time for non-cooperve users :P Some issues were talked about LDPI interface on our CM9.1 ROM. Most of those issues has been solved out, making CM9.1 looking gorgeous on LDPI (low density pixels per inch) devices! You can take a look on those screenshoots.

Next release will be really soon :)

Screenshoots thanks to Lego_Infinity (Galaxy Y)

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Removed links

As many of you guys asked me to put links in my blog, as most of you can't donate to me, I add them. I was warned on XDA once, and I had to remove all my blog links from XDA developers.
Now that our CM9 is becoming so much "famous" moderators are warning me again, so I decided to delete them. I don't want to fight against XDA, they are nice, and I'll keep using XDA portal. I'll put links on fb groups, twitter or such, but not on my blog.
Moderators told me that if my blog contains links to download my work, my blog can't be linked to XDA... So I shall delete them :/

About developing: Still  making CM9 a bit more usable for some users... ALthough I'll tell you that microphone and front speakers are still not working.