Friday, 18 April 2014

CM9.1 Beta 4 is out!

So no more waiting for next release of CyanogenMod 9.1 for BroadcomCM devices. This release is not as huge as Beta 3 but it includes new stability features along with some small fixes... Well see the changelog!
  • Fixed RIL (2G and 3G/H+ working)
  • Fixed SMS / MMS sending and recieving
  • IMEI reading fixed too
  • Added libbrcm_ril from CM7 device tree
  • Added back libasound (deprecated on ICS) but called by RIL
  • Removed wrong configs for RIL on BoardConfig
  • New RIL build.prop tweak that was deprecated
  • Clean up overlay on device tree
  • Fixed more layout issues on LDPI overlay (tassve and totoro)
  • Fixed Orange weird animations on LDPI devices
  • Sensors fixed for Tassve
  • Fixed PRDOUCT_NAME on Tassve
  • Fixed battery stats (linear bar)
  • Fixed 1% battery bug (some users expierencing it, like me)
So as always get the ROM for the Download page up on my blog, or click HERE.

As said, time to study! Development stopped for 2 weeks, see you later!

Some more fixes for next release!

This is time for non-cooperve users :P Some issues were talked about LDPI interface on our CM9.1 ROM. Most of those issues has been solved out, making CM9.1 looking gorgeous on LDPI (low density pixels per inch) devices! You can take a look on those screenshoots.

Next release will be really soon :)

Screenshoots thanks to Lego_Infinity (Galaxy Y)

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Removed links

As many of you guys asked me to put links in my blog, as most of you can't donate to me, I add them. I was warned on XDA once, and I had to remove all my blog links from XDA developers.
Now that our CM9 is becoming so much "famous" moderators are warning me again, so I decided to delete them. I don't want to fight against XDA, they are nice, and I'll keep using XDA portal. I'll put links on fb groups, twitter or such, but not on my blog.
Moderators told me that if my blog contains links to download my work, my blog can't be linked to XDA... So I shall delete them :/

About developing: Still  making CM9 a bit more usable for some users... ALthough I'll tell you that microphone and front speakers are still not working.

RIL and IMEI fixed!

So after lots and lots of different "fixes" I've finally fixed IMEI and RIL on CM9. The most important part of it is that USB mass storage and Audio are not broken, and we can have our RIL fully working! Expect new release soon with some minor changes!


Remember that microphone is not working, and front speakers either, so it is unable to make a call at the moment!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

About RIL fix

Well as you may notice, RIL is not working on new Beta 3 (so calls and 3g are not working). One guy at XDA, myaservip, has kind of "fixed" RIL. Well, this guy is my actual tassve tester so I contacted him, and he told me how he did it. And the way he did it was the way I don't want to do it, but maybe some people want that way.

He replaced whole libs from Beta 2 into Beta 3. Off course this will fix RIL as Beta 2 libs had RIL fixed. What we realise was, what was actually causing RIL broken? And the answer was: USB Mass Storage.

Is kind of weird that USB mass storage broke RIL communications, but as you can see on this old screenshoot, RIL was broken:

You can see the No service. On old Beta 2 it never said No service. it said emergency calls only, because RIL was detected... So somehow our USB mass storage is releated to RIL, kind of weird eh? I'll have to investigate more.

About the patch of that guy, I want let him to publish, as many of my work on new beta 3 libs will dissappear :( so I don't think it is a good fix, although it gave me the clues to know what was causing the bug! :P

Stay tuned for more news!

CM9 Beta 3 is out!

CyanogenMod 9.1 Beta 3 for Galaxy Ace i, Galaxy Y and Galaxy mini ihas just come out! Make sure to read the changelog and read the notes, so let's go witht he changelog:
  • Improved HW drivers implementation
  • Fixed Audio coming through speakers
  • New audio libs built from source (legacy ALSA - Nexus S)
  • Fixed USB Mass Storage (USB connected through PC)
  • Fixed torch (Cooperve) deleting dependency with Camera libs
  • Fixed Sensors adding memsicd to build and new Sensor libs
  • Fixed accelerometer (rotation screen, smooth effect)
  • Fixed proximity sensor (on calling)
  • First support of open-sourced liblights (future BLN support - not included)
  • First work done on fixing battery stats (Settings -> Battery, not working atm)
  • Fixed LDPI (tassve, totoro) values for trebuchet and framework
  • Added back small and simple file Manager (requested)
  • Deleted double de-fines on build.prop
  • New property overrides took from CM9 of msm7x27 devices (untested)
  • Improved stability of CM9 on BCM devices
  • Update-script like CM9 official (removing Kernel install)
  • Improved device tree
NOTE: RIL has been broken due to new audio libs and probably wrong configs used, I'll need to take a look to that carefully (2g and 3g does not work).
NOTE 2: Some users will expierence 1% battery bug, this can be fixing by charging your phone and make a reboot, or try to wipe battery stats.

As you know full downloads can be downloaded HERE.

Have a good time flashing, waiting for reviews!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Time to release CM9 Beta 3 (soon)

Well, as I preefer releasing it with RIL broken, and most of users preefer that thoo (67%) I'll release it in a short period of time, but remember! All the changes I made to make CM9 more stable on BCM21553 devices are for Cooperve (Galaxy Ace s5830i) as it is the device I own, so give me some time to adapt all the changes to Totoro (Galaxy Y) and Tassve (Galaxy Mini i).

Why I prefeer releasing? Well Next 2 weeks I'll be in exams and I haven't studied anything yet (because of Android), so after releaseing Beta 3 I'll take a "break" and start studying. Sorry for that guys, but studies are more important now.

Don't start insulting me! Before starting studying I'll release new ROM for the 3 devices! Just give me time to adapt canges :P