TouchWiz 4 - Galaxy Ace

CoolCatGetHome, user of XDA has port a really good item for our ace, it's a theme, but a theme that seems to be the touchwiz 4, I have prove that and it's really fast and really the same as the touchWiz 4.

Our ace is incompatible with the real touchwiz 4 so it's impossible to have it but thank you to persons like that we can look like that.

This rom is comptaible for all stocks roms and all cyanogenMod. I don't know with CM9 I haven't prove that. here there are the links to download:

Downloads - Stock
V1 - DDKQ8/ XXKPT = 
V2 - All Stock Roms = 

Downloads - CM7
V1 - All CM Roms =

 - 4 dock
 - Text added to Dock
 - Page Indicators in bottom ( reference TW4)
 - Homescreen layouts moddified to fit screen
 - 88% transparency background
 - list View
 - Grid View
 - Smooth
 - and also more mods to come


 - go to recovery
 - mounts and storage
 - mount data
 - mount system
 - install zip from sdcard
 - choose the zip u downloaded
 - flash it
 - reboot
 - done
 - enjoy


  1. does not work, did it according to the instructions .. samsung galaxy ace (2.3.6) XXKPT

  2. thank you friend this actually works in samsung galaxy ace 2.3.6 DXKT4


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