My First rom: Stock TW4

So yeah, I've just compiled my first rom, Stock TW4, based on Stcok Lite 7.1 and thanks to CoolCatGetHome and his theme based on TW4 I can compile this rom, for now here it's the version 1.0

* Based on StockLite v7.1 - Android 2.3.6
* TW4 launcher, 90% of TouchWiz 4

   - 4 dock
   - Text added to Dock
   - Page Indicators in bottom ( reference TW4)
   - Homescreen layouts moddified to fit screen
   - 88% transparency background
   - list View
   - Grid View
   - Smooth
* Really improvement of battery live!

Maybe today or tomorow I'll upload that rom, stay tuned!


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