Changes in Stock TW

Stock TW3.5 has been canceled because now I'm going to make two versions of Stock TW4. I'm going to make these roms:
     * Stock TW4 v2.0 HDPI - Which means the next version of my old rom.
     * Stock TW4 v2.0 MDPI - Which is the same as TW3.5 I've announced but now will be TW4.
Why v2.0? Because I've really make much changes than ever in these two roms, here's teh changelog:

 - Based on my own
 - Completly new TW4 notification bar
 - New default wallpaper
 - 100% TW4 icons
 - New TW4 widgets INCLUDE IN THR ROM:
    · Accuwheather ported to galaxy ace or MDPI phones
    · New digital TW4 clock ported to MDPI phones
    · New google search
 - Completly new app drawer (more transparent and fast)

Some screenchots:

Stock TW4 v2.0 MDPI

Stock TW4 v2.0 HDPI


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