CM9 beta 10 Android 4.0.4

So here we come with the last beta of the CM9, posted by maclaw. There are many changes in this new rom, I think youtube HQ laggs and video recording are the only bugs in these rom, here's the changelog:

  • fixed photo naming
  • fixed adding photos to gallery
  • smooth preview – now we can think about video recording
  • autofocus on gio&ace
  • universal binary – works both on ace and gio
  • better stabillity
  • hard-coded strings are now in xml
Other changes:
  • new CM9 bootanim
  • brand new device sources
  • better stability
  • smoother
  • quick responses – you don’t have to wait a few seconds until it’ll do what you want any longer ;-)
Now I'm on holiday, I try to update the site, but I can't make any video of that rom till 9 of august :( but I'll update the site as many times I can :-)

You can download the rom at my page Android 4.0 - CM10


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