My review RC1 CM9

So here is my review of the new rom of maclaw team which really improve my spectives of that rom, because it's really fast and the camera is just incredible:
Here there are the finally bugs:
 - Video recording
 - Google Search (voice)
 - Deep Sleep when opening Camera.apk (breaks the deep sleep but deep sleep without camera is fully 100%)

Here's the video:

See all the reviews in android 4.0 page


  1. hmm i have installed Rc1 but can we change status bar(Notification bar) battery icon text time color network color..huh?? plz rely...thanks

  2. You can install tjemes in google play that change the colors of the theme

  3. i install many themes but none of theme arey giving original battery icon and text color .

  4. Did you try another laucnher... I don't know. I like the default one :D

  5. yup i tried ....its okk.. btw...thanks

  6. battery drain very fast.


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