About CM10.1

So, as you may know, I'm currently working on CM10.1 and CM10, but now is turn to CM10.1, we (me and Wayland_Ace) are working on this really hard.

Wayland is trying to port a 3.0 kernel and improve the actual kernel which is 2.6 and I'm modifying device sources to be able to have a stable andoid 4.2, we got alpha 3 which is really great, BUT JUST FOR DEVS AND DEVELOPMENT PURPOSE. 

If you want more news about development we're currently working here: https://github.com/LegacyCM/ This is a Organization we made to put there the sources of CM10.1 for cooper. Stay tuned for more news :)


  1. looking forward.. always a fan!

  2. espero
    la saken yaaa amigos los estoy esperando con ancias pero tmb me encanta la room s3 tambien la estoy esperando conancias en jb


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