Big change

Yeap, sorry for not updating the blog, I was busy doing some stuff for school and so. Well what happened? My friend that borrow me the Galaxy Ace i, he needed as his brother broke it and need new screen, the broked screen is without touch, so it's like not having the device.

What I made, well I create BroadcomCM, and it isn't going to die, psychoGame finally boot CM7 for totoro, so wait for some new ROM and GermainZ new maintaner of cooperve on BroadcomCM. I'll review the changes and agree or not with those, but I'm not going to build anymore for cooperve, I'm sorry. But I had a really nice time building for it.

So, what's next? My only device is cooper now, so I'm going for him ;) As many of you may know, Wayland_ace left us as he also didn't have device anymore to test and so, and as only erikcas continued Wayland_Ace job by nightlies builded by jenkins and as erikcas doesn't have cooper device, he has gio, I decided to continiue Wayland_ace job.

So as you can see on XDA, there's new thread of CM10.1 for cooper there made by me. Also I release RC1 wiht some changes included onm nightlies and also mine, here's the changlog:
  • Builded by me on my PC
  • Fixed dimens.xml on launcher (even with search bar)
  • Fixed CRT Animation
  • Added Ring tone loop
  • Updated some memory handlers in kernel
  • A lot of changes in androidarmv6 frameworks
  • New superuser app and options
  • All erikcas changes in their nightlies are included
  • Androidarmv6 sources updated
  • CM sources updated
If u want to download the ROM you can go to XDA thread or in Download page here at right of the page.

So that will be everything for now, I'm really busy at school now so I'll do my best.

Thanks, Biel.


  1. Hi, I have (my wife, to be certain :) Galaxy Ace but without "i" is your rom compatible with normal ACE?
    Also I want to know if your rom have Polish language and Swype or swypelike keybord?
    Thanks for any info :)

  2. Please let us know when this ROM goes passed RC2. I'm eager to try the finished product :)

  3. Whyy :'( i can borrow u my phone :'(

    1. Where are u from? And if j can borrow the ace i, Ill be really thanked.

    2. Yeah if you live in morroco i can brrow it to you :)

  4. So that mean you stopped work on cooperve ?

    1. No actually, but making ROM's for a device you don't have is difficult, that's why I'm accepting donations, to buy the device. Also development is stucked due to test everychange I make to testers, is really slow... If someone could donate me at least something, He will help me and he will be on donations page!


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