About testers

i all, I want to clarify a thing. Thanks to all the guys that want to be testers, really thanks, but I've my device, and also have 2 brillinat testers, so I don't need more testers, sorry for not to choose you, so every comment I want to be a tester, I'm sorry but will be ingored, I think you may know, I HAVE THE DEVICE, so I don't need testers anymore, jsut for a few things, and I've already those testers, so thanks but NO, you can not be my tester.

Also, every ETA question (estimated time of arrival) on ROM's, especially Galaxy Ace i section, will be elminated by me, and they could not acces this blog anymore, so that mean, they could not acces download ROM's, so for your save, don't ask ETA question, common guys, that is the first rule of CYanogenMod.

Examples of ETA qustions:

  • When will final CM7 version come out?
  • When release of alpha 2 of CM9?
  • Do you have a date for your next ROM?

And other questions I had deleted. Those users, are not banned, but from now on, I'm sorry but I'll ban if they spam here, sorry guys. If you are a good visitor, move on and download! Have fun!

Also, I'll keep updated the blog, so you can follow how development is going on... just check the blog and ask any questions (except ETA or to be tester...)


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