Beta 4 CM7 - Samsung Galaxy s5830i

The waiting has ended, and here we go with the new Beta 4 for Galaxy Ace i. This build COULD NOT be possible thanks to this awsome people:
  • Bieltv.3
  • Spacecaker
  • Prototype-U
  • Lopicl.00
  • Percy-g2
  • PsychoGame
  • Legolas93
You should hit the thanks button to him, we made this possible. Also I would like to thank all my donators, they are a BIG part of that ROM, chekc it out here:

Well, it's time to introduce our 5 months work on this big Update of the ROM:

  • Most expected release ;)
  • Fixed WIFI on new config
  • RE-builded wpa_supplicant.conf
  • Wifi faster than before using android Private Socket
  • Media Scanner Fixed
  • CM7 Native Audio Player working
  • RE-built audio libs thanks to patched libaudio from PsychoGame
  • Removed all samsung Audio stuff
  • Improved quality sound
  • FIxed headphone issue (low volume now is Good)
  • CM7 Native Gallery App working
  • CM7 Native File manager Working
  • Removed all space apps (Download them on 3rd post)
  • Improved RIL thanks to new RIL config by spacecaker
  • Fixed Torch on Device source code (Not smali)
  • Wait a few seconds before turingin ON again, it will collapse itself and force close
  • Re-built device tree from scartch
  • Bigger clean-Up ever (true)
  • Removed most of vendor files used on beta 3
  • Most of this parts built from CyanogenMod
  • Smoother release with new GPU rendering and screen render
  • Spacecaker implementation on vendor files upgrades speed
  • RE-built build.prop - Faster 3G speed
  • Camera Native CM7 with white screen bug
  • NOTE: Read installation isntructions
Huge changelog, and lot of work is here. You can take the download through: 




Since Beta 4 CM need a specific kernel to work as it should, so this is my kernel:


Steps to do:

  • Flash the kernel provided on the XDA link.
  • Reboot your phone, CWM is installed by default
  • Wipe Data, Cache and Dalvik
  • Mount System
  • Flash CM 7.2 which you can download below


  1. loko mejor deja 2 links, el de descarga directa del kernel y el de XDA, no se para el resto, pero para mi es complicado encontrar el link en el foro

  2. You can take pictures, but preview is not working, it is white. Oucture quality is reeally good btw.

  3. yap it is a bug and there are few more .... and it is a good progress in no time.... thanx a lot to biel tura and his team for such a nice work.....

  4. I am still waiting to check this Beta4 with LopicL.00 kernel. You people can make one kernel together!

  5. hey Biel why you Removes the Samsung audio stuff .....??

    the audio quality is bad on RC1 release ..Samsung audio libs were nice


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