Some work for the Blog!

I've been this morning re-doing my blog a bit. Download page now should be 100% working for all devices, I'll explain you how it works:

When you enter Download page, you should see something like this:

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You choose your organization you would like to download the ROM, and above that I explain what will you found there.

On Androidarmv6 I decided to put Galaxy Ace, which I'm the maintaner of it in androidarmv6, Galaxy Gio, Galaxy Mini and Galaxy Fit. They are all the msm7x27 devices (apart from Galaxy 5 which I will add later, but I've not any contact with the phone yet). When you select the phone you wish to download, all devices except Galaxy Ace will be a link to XDA forum of each. Galaxy Ace as I'm the maintaner and developer for this phone, I created a page here on my blog with all changelogs and download link, so no need to go to XDA, there is everything here.

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On BroadcomCM there are the 4 devices supported. Galaxy Ace i, have the same as his "brother" Galaxy Ace, it have a page here, as I'm the dev of this phone. Galaxy Y has got the same as Galaxy Ace i, but instead of a web page here, it goes to the XDA threads. All supported by BroadcomCM. Galaxy Mini i and Galaxy pocket, they are in really WIP state, so it is still under maintenance.

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On VortexColor organization, the thing is much more easy, there is just one device supported: UNUSUAL Vortex Color, and it has a page here too.

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So, what we can see is that Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Ace i and Vortex Color have got a "local" web page, and that is because they are the device I official develop for, the other ones are similar in hardware, but they have other developer, that is why it sends to an XDA thread, but all the threads are under the name of organization. 


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