More HW drivers work

Although we didn't change the source code provided by broadcom, we have managed to get those libs, originaly placed on hardware/libhardware and built as gralloc.default and hwcomposer.default to be placed on device specific (bcm21553-common), on librgralloc/ and libhwcomposer/ folders and then be built as gralloc.bcm21553 and hwcomposer.bcm21553. Those with include/ folder, makes broadcom patch smaller than before, so no patch is needed on hardware/libhardware anymore.

Everything should be up for how to be built without any error on source. Let me now if you have some! As said, this is just organization changes, they won't improve user experience! Stay tuned for more news.


  1. Hey biel awesome work thanks but cm7.2 eXperience is buggy man :D
    I flashed adrenaline engine using seeder but too much slow.. but cm7.2 pure and 9.1 is awesome except bugs ;)

  2. thanks you for your cyanogenmod and ubuntu

    1. yeah man! he programmed ubuntu... omg you are genious.


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