About HW on CM7

Some people are wondering if the release of CM7 could help us and finally fix HGL and HW on CyanogenMod 7. I mean that CRT animations and rotations will work with new drivers. The answer for now is NO.

Drivers were given in 4.0.1 way, and Broadcom gave to us Gralloc sources, which can be adapted; Hwcomposer sources, a lib that was created on ICS and more which can't be adapted as it does not exist on Android 2.3; and libv3d lib which is completly written in ICS. That means lots of dependencies of this lib can be found on frameworks/base from ICS and not Gingerbread.

So well, that's a quick update if you were wondering about that. Although it is not impossible, it will be hard, and we have other purpose than fix 2 animations.


  1. سير تحوى
    Good job in arabic

  2. Biel y que hay del los efectos de renderizado?? seria posible arreglarlos???

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  4. I think it's possible, because developer Psychogame got it working

  5. When will new release??????? I'm tired of waiting!!!!!!


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