Development stopped

As you may have noticed, I have stopped the development of Android ROMs for the last months. I think it's time to move on onto new objectves and thus leave the development CM ROMs. The las progress made is pushed up to the Github repositories.  For the part of CyanogenMod 7.2, video recording quality has been fixed, along with USB tethering. Psyke83 is doing a very good work keeping CM11 updated, and I will help him keeping XDA and all the support questions there. Latest sources of CM7/CM9 are found at: Latest sources of CM11 are found at: If someone was following me on Xperia SP threads, Spacecaker has made a new ROM for it (as he have the device as well!) and you should try it! I've already selled my Xperia SP and now I am enjoying a Oneplus ONE. I hope we (me and my team) had brought to you funny moments and a longer life to your phone. I expect you all to have learnig something from all of it! Have

It has been a long time

Well, I've been on vacation this last month. I went to Denmark at first and then moved some weeks to the beach of my country (Spain), where I'm actually wirtting this on the hotel PC. Our team has decided to make some changes to the ROMs we are actually supporting. That's sad and also a good new too. So this is our plan: CyanogenMod 7.2 and AOSP 2.3.7 will get ONE more update. This update will include lots of changes, but I'm sad it won't be called final, as we couldn't manage to fix ALL bugs, but of course it will be a stable release. CyanogenMod 9.1 will be updated probably once per month / two months with CyanogenMod 11.0 changes cherrypicked. Main CyanogenMod 9.1 goal is to fully port psyke83 audio libraries into ICS. Then, we will be updating the ROM with CM11 changes. After all of this has been made, CyanogenMod 11.0 will be the main ROM development, as androidarmv6 has finally adapted whole BroadcomCM sources and imrpoved them with mine, psyke83

CM7 is being updated

Well, after the big release of CM9 we haven't forgot about our stable gingerbread release. We are working hard, as we are again basing it from new CM9 sources. This can have a bit of work and very big changes will be included, starting for a brand new CM7 kernel. Well that was a big of news, I'm a bit bussy during this week it will come :P

CyanogenMod 9.2 Beta 5 released!

I'm glad to introduce on of the best works ever made by BroadcomCM team. This ROM represents all the work made during the last 3 months. I hope you don't blame on it. Here is the BIG changelog Re-newed device tree from scratch Optimized libgralloc and libhwcomposer Fixed laggy bootanimation Completly removed artifacts on screen due to bad HW drivers Finally improved and fixed whole HW system Imporved Nexus S audio libs Fixed microphone New liblight lib open source - future support of BLN New camera library based on QCOM msm7x27 devices Camera preview working Camera pictures working too on native camera app Added all propietary necessary camera libs Panorama mode also working New binary for get_macaddrs and patched New WIFI configurations FIxed WIFI signal bars Fixed GPS, need more tests Stop using old Bluetooth system, and swithced to CM9 Renewed and swithced to AOSP open offline charging Vold now built from source, and faster media scanning

Busy with personal stuff, but realted to android!

Well, these days my activity here was not as often as it was. That's because I am at the moment, and I will be for the next two weeks a but busy the whole day. An entreprise for Barcelona watched my work at github, and they reached an agreement with my school to develop its android application. This is part of my school formation, but I should be proud of it, as they wathced all my work made for all devices on github, and they realise I could do that. Here there is an image of one of the awsome roms I work on: So, that is taking mostly all day, and when I get home, I haven't any desire to develop again android, just want to disconnect a bit. So sorry, but I will be a bit out of android development. The entreprise I'm working on is called DEXMA TECH, and here is their website: Quick update though, CM9 is, YES, getting even more stable, and alse, we have some surpirses for CM7, but still need to polish them.

SIM card problems for CM11

As far as I can see there is many people with those errors on SIM card. It is weird, but I will try to debug them as soon as I can. I have not tested yet SIM card on it, and as you may know this are ALPHA builds of CM11. Of course don't expect a working perfect ROM! Instead though, CM9 is working so much better than this CM11. Why because between CM9 and CM11 there are nearly 2 years! And devices has improved alot since then. Just test for have fun, take a screen and come back to your ROM. They are ALPHA builds!

Installation procedure CM11

I've seen many people having problems installing CM11 and this is due to a few things. First of all Kitkat needs a CWM 6 to install it and this is why we created Temp. CWM6. The second error is "Status 7". This is due to the update script, as CM parses kind of a security test to know if your device is really the device it should be. assert(getprop("ro.product.device") == "totoro" || getprop("") == "totoro" || abort("This package is for \"totoro\" devices; this is a \"" + getprop("ro.product.device") + "\"."); Unlucky our device does not have this property on a stock ROM, so here it comes the Status 7 error. So, installation instructions are easy, but you need to be carefully. Download the ROM from androidarmv6 download site  Download this template or take a kernel flash zip. Add the boot.img of the ROM you downloaded to the template. Inside the