Beta 9 CyanogenMod 9 - Galaxy Ace

Beta 9 is out, and with the most important change on these last roms: CAMERA WITH PREVIEW IS WORKING! Here it is the changelog:

camera working (no settings and no video recording yet)
improved performance
ksm finally 100% fixed
changed default ksm values
much improved ramdisk
added ICS-specific values in ramdisk
kernel sources fixed now (github soon)

The link of the rom is:


  1. Hi something is wrong with the download. The link works but the file is just 180kb and thats impossible for a rom. So can u please fix it and put the right file? The link at GalaxyICS doesn't work either and i really want this rom so im waiting for it to be fixed :)

  2. Nevermind i found the rom and i have it now its really awesome! And i found out that this file is the cam fix and its 180kb not the rom itself so sorry my bad :P

  3. hey i have this custom rom and i want to change notofication bar means i want original notification bar on this rom measn ics cm9 beta 9 can u tell me how can i do this ..


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