Stock TW4 v1.1

Yeap! the new version of Stock TW4 is here, check out the page with that name at the top :)

There's the link to download, for me everything is woring, TESTERS NEEDED, but it's really stable and fast :)



  1. Can you tell me what is the function of this rom??
    And what's the differents between SGA before updated and SGA after??
    So thanks... :)

  2. the function of this rom is that is faster than the stock one, in the stock rom your phone sometimes goes slow and with these is really smooth, (that's the definition of stocklite 7.1, the rom I based my rom) and the diference between stock lite and TW4 stock, is the touchWiz launcher, that I make to seems like galaxy SII, more visual, transparent, faster...
    Thankyou for comment! and hope I will help you! :)


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