CM9 RC1 is out!

So the new rom of maclaw team based on CyanogenMod 9 is out and in the stable version. It's the best version of that rom and here's the changelog: 

  • super smooth – the smoothness release ever
  • without any lags
  • improved performance
  • improved life on battery
  • camera isn’t freezing
  • fixed autofocus on Gio/Ace
  • smooth camera preview
  • on latest, stable CM9 sources
It’s first release with Wayland_ACE in team
So later I'm going to upload the review of that incredible rom, stay tuned for updates

To download the version check out my page Android 4.0.4 CM9 :-)


  1. hey can u tell me what is this cm9 RC1 is it better the cm9 beta 10 ????

  2. yes! RC1 is like beta 11 but when a rom get the name of RC is that is completely stable and everything except some little things (in this case video recording) are working and it's fast and STALBE

  3. hmm thanks menas now cm9 upate will come in rc rite and thanks for clearing douts and which one is better cm9 rc1 or cm10 beta 1 jb huh ??

  4. now, RC1 cm9 is better than CM10 beta 1 because beta 1 has got some bugs that cm9 haven't but port the solution of this bugs, of cm9 (cm9 => cm10) is easier than from android 2.3 => 4.0 so maybe next month we will recieve a stable CM10, but i think is better to have a RC than a beta :-)

  5. hey i wanted to ask a question that video caling software in not woring in cm9 rc1 like tango video calling ,and viber video calling software on galaxy ace can u tell me what i can do to make it work means on tango we cant here any caller voice .and sometimes force close...can u give me any suggetions plz reply??..

  6. first, vido recording isn't working so you can't make video calling and then microphone in some apps don't work, same problem with a another program in my case :)

  7. so there is no way out that tango will work on cm9 rc1 or rc2 and i dont want to make video calls i just want to make voice call on tango but always force close or cant here anythin ...if any way is there plz tell me ..i badly need tango software on cm9 rc1..

  8. Just post this issue in I think they can help you :-)


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