Some updates

So maybe tomorow or next I'm going to upload the two fianl versions of Stock TW4 (mdpi. hdpi), as you know I'm making many changes, but I've added more changes too, here's the new changes:
apart from the original changelog:
 - Based on my own
 - Completly new TW4 notification bar
 - New default wallpaper
 - 100% TW4 icons
 - New TW4 widgets INCLUDE IN THR ROM:
    · Accuwheather ported to galaxy ace or MDPI phones
    · New digital TW4 clock ported to MDPI phones
    · New google search
 - Completly new app drawer (more transparent and fast)

 - surprise android (touching many times the version of the rom)
 - new applications email and notes
 - new and original keyboard from TW4
 - powered by adrenaline engine
 - new lock screen
 - 2 versions, HDPI & MDPI
Stay tuned for some updates :-)


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