CM10 Lite v1.2 is OUT

yeap, my new version of CM10 has been uploadded, here's teh changelog:

 - Introduce 100% Nims11 Kernel with CM10 rom by default
     * Faster and smoother than ever
     * Illusion camera (at the moment) working with nims 11 kernel, and faster      than before
     * All caractertistics of nims11 kernel
  - Removed DSP manager
  - Removed File manager (you can use another better from market)
  - Removed Voice Dialer
  - Removed Some configurations of live wallpapers that I forgot to remove
  - Small improvment on build.prop

You can download the rom from here: no mirrors, lin tot his post :)

EDIT: updated roms page :) 


  1. flash will work when stock camera app will work.

  2. ok, excuse me, regards from El Salvador

  3. man i bacame a huge fan of ur rom. its amazing, specially the battery, im in 921 overclock and battery is just fine.. amazing. thanks for the good work

    1. thanks man :) these types of comments help me to continue working hard :)

  4. Forgive my ignorance, you can install the camera that has cyanogen, with root explorer? Nothing else I can think of that idea, I congratulate you on your rom, very stable and fast, highly recommend it.

  5. no you can't our problem is in libs the problem is that the function copy to user, which makes what camera shoots, to the kernel to the memory/SD card doesn't work, so any stock camera wouldn't work, but illsuion camera makes another type of copy to user (that's why they are allocated in cameraillusion folder).
    So no, you can't use them


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