CM9 RC2 is out!

The new rom of maclaw team has been realised and now with 100% functionally camera (doesn't break deep sleep and compatible with all aps) video recording isn't working. here's the changelog:

  • camera is working (except video recording, but everything else is working) – in all apps!
  • Deep sleep is working when you’re leaving camera (no reboots needed)
  • new kernel (, partially based on Squadzone kernel)
  • kernel: linaro optimized
  • kernel: pure ICS ramdisk without any modifications
  • bootlogo is back
  • updated cm sources
Now you can download the rom at and stay tuned for my review :)

EDIT: if you want the rom 100% working you must apply the new realised patch:


  1. hmm hey i saw a post in maclaw website and he wrote this is end means he is not releasing any other updaye jb like??


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