Making a new CM10 Lite version

So has my CM10 lite has been really good, for what users tell me and I've got 500 downloads of my rom yesterday, I'm trying to compile the next version of that rom: here's teh changelog:

    - Introduce 100% Nims11 Kernel with CM10 rom by default
          * Faster and smoother than ever
          * Illusion camera (at the moment) working with nims 11 kernel

    - Removed some apps
          * DSP manager
          * File manager (you can use another better from market)
          * Voice Dialer
          * Some configurations of live wallpapers that I forgot to remove


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  2. excuse me for my bad english, i tried the rom cm10 lite, and i have a question, the flash of the camera works? because i can´t make it work, thanks.

  3. no flash camera isn't working


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