My review, Nightly 20120907 CM10

So here's my review of this incredible nightly of Jellaxy team, which project butter is 100% working and 100% visual, as you can see, take a look.


  1. is it same like maclaw rom ?? and which rom do you prefer maclaw or nightly??? plz reply ..

  2. It is the same version of android (jelly bean) but is completly different, with new kernel but is based in CM10 too. I really preefer this one because is faster and up-to-date, not like maclaw :)

  3. oh hmm ok so any bugs are der in this ?? and i saw video recording working in this is that true ..because in cm9 rc2 maclaw once i guess video recording force close...?? plz reply and thanks

  4. video recording is working but you can't take a picture (strange) and google now the voice search isn't working and wifi thethering and usb thethering aren't working too

  5. hmm lots of bugs..will wait 4 stable version..

  6. Would the camera work with some fingersoft applications like Nightvision camera?? I'm currently using Maclaw's ROM and there's no camera app, and its not very stable.. Also where's the link to download this ROM? plz reply :P


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