New nightly avaible

So the new nightly of galaxy ace of jellaxy has been released, not yet with camera working, we're working hard, I'm providing my build to lagloose :) here's the changelog:
Release 18/09/2012
  • completely compiled from sources by 'erikcas'
  • Removed Google Apps
  • Compressed arsc to free space in /system. Now you can flash gapps without deleting anything.
  • Youtube reboots should be fixed
  • BLN working (not fully tested with 3'rd party apps. Just check...)
  • Trebuchet Autorotation fixed
  • Removed duplicate camera icon
  • CRT animation now working ( = no flicker when screen is turning off )
  • Removed some things to free some space ( Video editor, ROM Manager, some pico tts languages = ~175MB system size)
  • Added ad-hoc support
  • Fixed KSM
  • Enabled WebGL
  • Fixed IO scheduler selection
  • Fully enabled triple frame buffer
  • Lot’s of changes by CM
You can download the rom from here:


  1. hey is this stable for daily use ..means wifi bluetooth camera and play store and etc etc working ...can we use for daily use... plz reply

  2. Everything is working except camera (video recording, photos, panorama; not preview, preview is working) HQ youtube videos, google now (voice search) and wifi/usb thethering.
    I'm using this rom for daily usage :)

  3. ohh thanks .....and just wanted to ask what is this AOKP ????and why aokp is use for galaxy ace...

  4. you mean to say all this are working (HQ youtube videos, google now (voice search) and wifi/usb thethering).

  5. No this isn't workimg and search on google AOKP to see the answr

  6. it doesnt have play store!!


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