Release of my rom

So here it is my new rom CM10 lite, which means a super smooth and light rom, check it out here:
If you want some info, post here a comment or in xda forum

CM10 Lite

HI, today I'm here to present the CM10 lite rom, this rom has become real thanks to:

- Jellaxy team:
- Lagloose and his CM10 rom (jellaxy):
- Daredj for help me:
CM10 lite v1.0
- Based on Jellaxy Sources (my compilation)
- Removed some lives wallpapers

CM10 lite v1.1

- Removed ALL lives wallpapers
- Removed ALL CM wallpapers
- Removed Some stock wallpapers
- Removed ALL CM tones except stock one
- Removed ALL CM notifications except stock one
- Removed ALL CM alarms except stock one
- Removed Camera.apk (because it isn't working) - You can install Illusion camera
- Added Google apps by default, no more flashes
- Removed Talk (if you need that tell me and I'll add)
- Edit build.prop to have more battery (that's why the lockscreen sometimes lag)
Features that aren't fully working:

- HQ video playback (need OpenMAX libraries from Qualcomm, unfortunately, they are not going to release them)

- Native USB tethering
- Native Wi-Fi tethering
- Camcorder
- Google Now (Voicesearch)
- you need CWM 5
- Wipe data/factory reset => wipe chace => Advanced/Wipe Dalvik cache
- Install zip from SD card / choose zip from SD card
- After installation reboot system now
- boot must be about 5 minutes
* You'll need a PARTITIONED SD CARD just like in jellaxy roms


  1. is deep sleep working? Google now whithout voicesearch working too? and how is that i can install illusion camera, i can take pictures with that app?

  2. deep sleep is working, google now without voice search is woring too and yes you can install illusion camera and take a picture with it :)

  3. i just installed it and deep sleep is not working, its awake 24/7. How can i make it work?

  4. i just installed normally on cwm. do i need to make the partitioned sd card to make deep sleep work?

  5. I don't know if you have to make a partition SD card to activate deep sleep but to make it fully working with any problem you must partiton your SD card, maybe this can solve the problem, and then reinstall the rom.

  6. can u give me a link on how to do it?

  7. i watched in youtube but a lot of people say its dangerous.. by the way, why do i have to do this, what does this make to the card or to the phone?

  8. make a partitioned sd card isn't dangferous, now I've to go later I'llk put a good tutorial see you!

  9. fuck it, i did the partition, reinstalled the rom and nothing, deep sleep is still not working, im done with it.

  10. mm.. did you wipe data after install the rom? or try to redownload the rom, I think you're the only one with that problem, I'm sorry :(

  11. hey i read about AOKP but i just want to confirm that if i install aokp in cm10 jelle bean from jellexy and then i install AOKP then my cm10 jelle bean rom changed o wat means aokp rom will der plz reply me

    1. I don't undestand what you're trying to say

    2. sorry i meant to say that i already having cm10 jelly bean ok and then i install Aokp rom in my cm10 jelly bean so my rom got changed in cm10 jelle bean to Aokp??
      means am not jelle bean i am running AOKP firmware ....gotit???

    3. yes i got it... but I don't think it will work cause they have differeent configuration... just install aokp wiping

    4. ohh hmm ok that means both are different different rom aokp and cm10 rite

  12. hey man, remember me? haha i fixed deep sleep! anyone having problems u need to disable google location service, the first one and then reboot device, it will fix it. :D

  13. hey can i use torch with ur rom?

  14. Hey I am not able to use Play when I'm using your ROM. Can you help?


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