Camera 90% working

So thanks to Wayland, finally, our work (Wayland, Lagloose, Erikcas, Daredj and me) have some magnificant results. Wayland hascompiled a 90% final camera, me, lagloose and erickas will adapt to cm10, and daredj will compile with camera, here's the changelog of that compilation ( Stay tuned for a NEW RELEASE.
  • Camera 100% fixed
    • Can  take pictures
    • Can take panorama pictures
    • No more errors, no more CAN'T CONNECT TO CAMERA
    • In consequence, fixed deep sleep when using camera.
  • Video recording isn't working (10% isn't working)


  1. is google now working???

    1. yes, but without voice search

    2. Hey!!! thanxx for the reply... :)
      you people are god...

      this is going to be my first rom which am flashing to my phone
      plzz... fix voice in google now as soon as possible...

      Thanxx in advance... :D

  2. I look forward ...
    I can not wait to be able to use the Jelly Bean on My ACE ...
    I would like to congratulate you for this amazing project they are developing
    and sorry my english ... I'm Brazilian but I live an eye on your Blog ... xD

  3. aaaaaaaa! great! ... that means smooth camera and video recording works by 90% or 10%? almost 100% stable CM10 only minor details ... I'm waking up here in mexico with good news! THANK YOU

  4. Great news you guys have now fixed camera deep sleep, for me videorecording isn´t important. i´m definitely looking forward the new release!

  5. I want to try that new release :D! i'm using cm7.2 and i'd like install this rom.. i'll waiting for it

  6. Whats up with battery drive ? by the can't wait this release :)

  7. guys!!
    what the link to download this patch or file?
    thank's for your help

  8. Perfect! Jelly bean for ace! :)

  9. In Spanish:
    Amigos estimados de Jellaxy y Bieltv3, estuve probando CM10 para mi Ace, muchas gracias por darnos la oportunidad de tener jelly bean en nuestro Ace. Pero tengo un problema muy importante, la duración de la batería por lo menos en mi Ace da mucha pena, la cargué al 100 por ciento lo use a penas 5 minutos y se quedo con la pantalla apagada y me duro apenas 16 minutos y ya tenia el 85% ;S. Existirá en un futuro una manera de mejorar la duración de la batería? Por lo demás estoy encantado con su rom, me encanta mucho y me gustaría ya poderlo usar a diario pero no se puede porque se que faltan errores por corregir y sería bueno que consideren arreglar ese problema con la bateria, por lo demás simplemente SENSACIONAL Y LES REPITO MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS!... :D

    Saludos desde Ecuador Amigos...

    In English:
    My dear Jellaxy and Bieltv3 friends, I was trying the CM10, its wonderful, thank you all for making us have the oportunity to use jelly bean in our Ace. But there is a problem with the battery, it stills drain a lot, i charged it 100%, but simply making some things like 5 minutes and then after 16 minutes only have 85% of battery!!. Is there a way to solve this problem in the future?? For all the rest, i know that there is a lot of bugs to fix but i like this rom a lot, and i would like to use it dairly. It could be good if all the team can solve the bugs and the battery problem.

    Greetings from Ecuador...

    1. you need flash this zip my friend
      and ejoy your CM|0.
      My battery is very good is great

    2. what does the camera has to do with this problem.. the battery is bad even when you dont open the camara to use...

    3. that's not true, just when you open and close the camera app still works (without the patch) but with the patch the battery drain is normal. I have 3 days with the rom and still I have 70% of life today November 25th

    4. without internet or what?

    5. robert
      Which rom are u using man? Biel´s rom or the 5/10/12 cm10 from jellaxy?

  10. hugs from Argentina guys! thanks very very much! keep it up!

  11. Keep it up good work guys :) congrats from Hungary :) I tried also CM 10 and CM9 that you made even it has bugs i love it :) i can't Wait the next relase !!!!!


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