Compiling something big

So I'm compiling on big thing, our galaxy ace will have android 4.1.2 thanks of course to jellaxy, but I'm compiling right now one of the first android 4.1.2 nightly of armv6 devices, in this case GAlaxy ace. Stay tuned for cm10 lite v2.0 and next nightly with alots of improvmetns...


  1. oh wow ..thats gr8 news then plz tell us when jellaxy team (lagloose)is releasing this 4.1.2 if u dont want to say then atleast tell us will this 4.1.2 is next release in jellaxy for galaxy ace...

  2. I don't know when jellaxy team will make his release, but in this nightly, lagloose help me alot to build that one, is a joined rom of his knows and my knowns with jellaxy sources. (but that's not a official jellaxy release)


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