CRT animation working

So I have managed to get CRT animation working on jellaxy builds by making some changes in the sources of framework, CRT animation is fully working and without any problems, without any lag... I've request the github to edit the framework of jellaxy and AOKP too. Here's my github:

I'm contacting with erickas and lagloose to include it in the next jellaxy build.

For people that don't know what CRT animation is, here's a video showing what it is:


  1. hey u working with jellaxy team rite and with lagloose so i wanted to ask u is there is any release for galaxy ace in jellexy cm10 means i saw a link there in jellaxy cm10 CM10- 5/10/12 so is this a new release or just a developer view release..means i thought u may know because u r working with lagloose thats y asking u plz reply

    1. Well, I'km not a official member of jellaxy team, but I'm helping lagloose in some things, that's the hink I helped more (foundding error in CRT animation), I'm uploading the new version, the 06102012 for me and nims11 (who is in the same situation as me).
      The version you talk about is one based on 0206 sources, with a diferent camera hal, which make camera working without preview
      My release won't have this camerahal because lagloose didn't release yet. My release will have the 06 sources and CRT animation fixed.

    2. hmmmm bit confusin lol.. ok means CM10- 5/10/12 this i a new form lagloose or is just a devloper mode bit confusing to understand this all so thats y asking u aain sorry

    3. 05102012 (lagloose) => is a rom, based on 02/10/2012 sources, and with cameraHAL from lagloose

      06102012 (bieltv3) => is a rom based on 06/10/2012 sources, without cameraHAL from lagloose and with CRT animation patch from me.

    4. hmmm thanks for u for making me understand and i usually prefer ur rom because it has everything like more space and no more cyangon wallapapers and etc ..ur rom is faster and just one more question plz ur rom is based on lagloose rite??? so if lagloose release a new rom means for example 10/10/12 cm10 so u will also release na on 10/10/12 based huh??? plz reply...thanks

    5. but this rom isn't the lite rom... wait for the next version when lagloose give me his camerahal


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