new nightly CM10 lite v 1.3

So the new version of my rom is out and here is the Changelog:

CM10 lite v1.3
- New compilation 20120930 rom, compiled by me, and with nims11 help
- Performance package added by default (it doesn't appear in the appdrawer)
- Delete some google apps
- Make some improvments on build.prop thanks to Mardon
- Added the stock wallpapers, petition from users.

To download the rom go here:


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I would like to know why my comment deleted? I'm doing a favorable review of their work

    1. i don't know I'm not deleting any comments, jist post it again

    2. Well, you just said, that one day ago that I lower the 1.2 that works perfectly so far, only the flash did not go and now you got the 1.3 ... I congratulate and commend you for the job, keep it going well ... Greetings from Argentina

  3. Hey can you get the camera working? Without that whatever changes you make to the ROM seems useless!! Please get the camera working and yours will be the best rom!

  4. hi, good morning, isa very stable rom,i have a question, there´s a aplication: waze, works with gps, but in this rom dont work, i dont have my ubication


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