Beta 3 CM10 is out!

Yeah, an new awsome release is out, with another incredible changelog, was the version that was more difficult to build, and apply all this changes, here's the changelog:

CyanogenMod Changes:
  • Added CM file manager with root acces
  • Added video editor
  • Added Sound Recorder
  • Added button in CM10 task Killer
  • Updated CM sources - STABLES
Jellaxy and my changes
  • Removed some apps (too big for galaxy ace stable CM10)
  • Original File Manager
  • All live wallpapaers
  • All notifications / ringtones / alarms
  • Video editor CM (too big)
  • Superuser Working and remembering things
  • Introduced OMX libraries (very BIG thanks to Erikcas and Rashed97 for their incredible work)
  • Reproducing LQ Video perfect and no lag
  • HQ Video a bit laggy
  • Replaced Legacy camera with JELLY BEAN CAMERA WORKING, best quality in pictures and smooth
  • System faster than ever with OMX
  • Video recording working (VERY LAG)
  • Fixed Network location
You want to download the rom: New link

If you have any issue just comment and I'll help :)


  1. Thanks sooo much for getting network location working! It was the only thing missing from all the good CM10/JB roms

  2. hey biel, the rom is weird on my device, sometimes the lockscreen doesnt show up, i dont have google search after flashing gapps..any help please?

    1. Yes Ill write about that tomorow on a new new on the blog, we got a big problem here... thx by confimribg, for the moment flash again rom without installing gapps you will know why

  3. Home button is not working! There is no action at all((

  4. Hello Bieltv3 please, i dont know what to do without gapps... if i dont have play store how can i download my apps for working with them??... Im noob in that situation please help me because the roms looks very very good i was trying it and seems spectacular...

    Greetings from Ecuador...

  5. ok guys. Im here to help you get the beta 3 working, first of all, all the apps im gonna make you install have to be in your sdcard. You will need in future too a good keyboard ;)and a launcher apk too, install and put as default one. ok now, you need to install root explorer..then you will go to system/app and see which apps can be deleted, for example, trebuchet, voice dialer, and delete the LatinIM (or whatever) too..this will delete your keyboard so now install the one on your sd card. You can also delete apollo. after deleting the apps you can now install the gapps from Konsta, it should work fine, for me its working great..
    hope this helps, good luck :)

  6. is there a problem with the rom?? is it working?

  7. Biel, u might wanna consider removing the following and providing a separate/optional zip file

    apollo player
    DSP Manager,
    Quick search box
    Sound recorder
    voice dialer

    i removed these and im able to enjoy a smooth rom with lite gapps installed.

    the only notable bug i've seen so far is that we are not able to view the pic which has been taken directly from the camera app - only black screen is shown. Yet to test out internet related apps/functions since im at work

  8. internet not working... its shows the 3g/edge signal,but cant connect to internet :(
    tried reflasing n tried gapps,but still same.

    1. Gapps is giving problems... I'll post how to solve it, I'm trying things :)

    2. it work great for me..

  9. @ bieltv.3 waiting for a response on how to solved the gapps problem .. love your work !


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