Problems with Gapps

So, yeap, people that has download my last Beta 3 will know that we are having some issues with the installation of Gapps, I've the solution, and I must test a little bit before publishing anything new. Here is a part of the solution:
  • Delete LatinIME.apk from CM10 (23mb ~)
  • Replece this one for LatinIME.apk from AOSP, a very good guy did this (11mb ~)
  • Another good guy, he send me 2 weeks ago that he made a lite gapps (8mb ~) with play store, and install this .
In theory my maths are okey 23mb > 11mb + 8mb ~, so every thing will be good now.

I'll update the link in mediafire with new LAtinIME, I will post about that. 
Gapps will be incuded in next rom, so no more flashes will be needed.

BTW: Tested and working, one friend will test too and if it works, will update link to mediafire in my rom, and no more gapps will be needed :-) thx for the compresion.

Before people asking: WIPES IS REQUIERED! thanks.


  1. great rom biel! thanx for always trying to do your rom better and better..i just have a question, can you make the 3G on the statusbar show when is using internet (the two little arrows on the signal bars that appear when its using internet), it will be very great because sometimes you dont know when is using your 3G.. THANKS!


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