CM10 RC1 is out!

So here we go with my new rom, now as most things are working, we can talk about a RC and not a Beta, so here is my RC1, here the new changelog for RC1: 

  • Compiled from my sources (based on wayland and jellaxy), with the new kernel erikcas
  • Setting new kernel
  • Data usage running (again kernel)
  • IPv6 Networks (again kernel)
  • Added zipalign binary
  • Added support for scripts
  • Fix for audio (sound notification bug should disappear)
  • Sounds new operating system
  • New memory management OOM
  • Wifi should be more stable now and connect faster
  • Latest CM10 sources (12/07/2012)
  • KSM SIO Configuration and fixed
  • Camcorder running (laggy)
  • Youtube Video HQ and work (many thanks to erikcas and rashed97)
  • Jellybean camera running (includes video recording, very lag yet)
  • Apollo Reemplazad by Play Music and removed Music.apk
  • New keyboard (white sub keys)
  • Again Live wallpapers 
  • GAPPS from sources included 
  • Contact sync working, no patches needed

If you want to download the rom, here's there is the link:

Contacts is now fixed, NO PATCHES NEEDED, Gapps already included :-) 


  1. i have a question, when you play games, is it smooth or is it laggy? because i tried in cm9 and is pretty smooth, no lag at all, but i just want to be sure how is gameplay in this rom before installing..

  2. Is there a what's not working list?

  3. Seems like "Home" button is not working and the default Browser does not start :(

    1. Already say it, reflash the rom somethimg wemt wromg on installation (full wipes)

  4. Is it compatible with the apps2SD script used in your past release?

    1. to be more especific the A2SD script that was linked in

  5. Hi.

    Is device-mapper available in the kernel? LUKS complains that dm_mod kernel is not loaded... aww crap :\

  6. hey biel, when market updates to last version, deepsleep stops working, any idea how to fix it?

  7. HI....
    Thank u for ur effort for making this rom for us..u r doing a great job.
    bt i hv a question see i m a frequent wifi tethering user so is,
    Native USB tethering
    Native Wi-Fi tethering

  8. Hi Biel Im the moderator of Can i ask if you can email me about newest dev stage from You and wayland?

  9. Hi,
    In this version my Ace won't stable yet. In brief I can say that it crashes when using wifi or 3g connections. Some app's crashs or stay in black screen.
    But your fixes up until now are progressing as well.



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