So well some news

Well, Wayland has finally compiled some alphas of CM10.1, we got  three, but they are just for devs and development purpose at the moment. As it seems, starting a project from 0 like CM10.1 is too dificult for me. Wayland teach me something but I've to learn more, I'm not leaving CM10.1 but I'll just help in making things working on sources. I'll work here: on mr1-staging branch

So what's now? proably I'll continiue working on CM10 again, but I'll start from 0, I got cooper and msm7x27 files from Jellaxy, but for make jellaxy roms, we got jellaxy, so what I'm going to make now it's what wayland has done in CM9, just having android_device_samsung_cooper repo, compile "clean  CM10" Jellaxy introduce things in android_build, some apps, that make system probably work better, but I'll try clean CM10, if it's a way to say it :) That will be difficult and probably will have some more bugs than jellaxy's roms, but is a way for learning and I can solve most problems just looking at jellaxy sources :)

Also Ill have erikcas, lagloose and Wayland that answers to all my qustions, so very big thx for their :) I'll keep you informed


  1. I'm not asking for an ETA or anything but how long do you think it will take?

    1. Don't know yet, a bit bussy with exams now, I think before chrismas sure, but I'm not saying anything. If not for chrismats. I'll be posting some news, I've to talk with phtibu who is building CM9 too, thx


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