Some news and new CM10

As most of you already know, Jellaxy has bring a new release with fully HQ working, (HQ youtube works and camcorder works partially), so if you want to download check jellaxy thread in XDA.

About my release, I changed some things, I made my own sources now, so my new CM10 will be a bit diferent from jellaxy (my device sources [mixture of mine, jellaxy and wayland CM9], erickas kernel, Camera and frameworks from Jellaxy and then "pure" CM10) that will be my new CM10.

Don't ask ETA, will be this week or next, don't know yet, but will have HQ, the same as jellaxy :)

If you want to visit my sources to stay updated of all changes:
And commits:


  1. great.....keep up da great work.....
    n do take ur own time...we r not in a rush...:P


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