Some updates

So as you currently know, I'm working on CM10.1 for cooper, Wayland is publishing the roms and we're now in Beta 2, which is really great and smooth. I think guys you must test yourself, we're doing really hard work there.

More things, we got our own github (, but now Rashed97 has create a new Gerrit for us (what CyanogenMod use), Is kind of a webpage that you submit your patches there, and they are approved or not, before going to github, and then before going to your sources -> ROM.

People that is currently working for Galaxy family are me, Wayland, Erikcas and Oldroid, the other ones are working for LG, ZTE, Sony Ericson... but is great to share with everyone what you do, and also common repo's that all devices are using, so we get things working faster with all the msm7x27 people working on it

Well sory for not updating the blog, but there isn't any special new, and now I haven't plans to release something because my work is on CM10.1 that is compiled by Wayland (which has a much better PC than me)


  1. Do you have a link to show what's working and what isn't? I really like the look and feel of jellybean but can't commit until a fully working release is out. But you guys are doing a great job in keeping our older phones in line with the latest models. It's a shame products are forgotten about after a year :/


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