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So I've finally finished my exams :P I'm back on android development. Just yesterday I went back to work, by making a repo called andoroid_device_samsung_bcm21553-common ( which basically is that now is easier to build for more samsung devices, now Hell_llock is the maintanier of Galaxy Y and in next days we will talk and set up his build enviroment, so BroadcomCM will support officially Galaxy Y. Also we will like to call Galaxy Pop plus & Galaxy Pocket Dev's to help us, and also to be helped, as thanks this repo we could build easily for those devices CM7 and all with same bugs.


Also on last build it was out, it contain a very big fix, WIFI is now working on CM7 roms for galaxy ace i, and also in Hell_lock next build will be fixed as well. Also if pocket and tassve wants to help they will get it working cause it was fixed on this repo, bcm21553-common repo. (All of that thanks to WhiteXP)

Out of topic: My blog has arrived the 100000 visits! thanks everyone!


  1. Thanksss, great ROM!!

  2. Greetings from Mongolia. I just wanted to tell you how appreciated I am for working on our samsung galaxy ace i device :) I'm really really thankful xD


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