Summary of this week

Sorry guys, blog is a little outdated because I was a bit bussy on xda. I'll make you a quick summary:

  • CM7 alpha 3 was released with some performance, so the rom is really fast and stable - next step wifi, but is a kernel error.
  • CM9 alpha 1 was released to bring ICS expierence to galaxy ace i users, but really unstable and buggy. We need to get a good cm7 to base then in CM9
  • Cooperve repo from broadcomcm was forked to androidarmv6 so when cm7 finally ends, we will start working on it
  • A member of our team, leave us, hell_llock the maintaner of the kernel of this rom has leave us for a simply misunderstamding, will try to talk with him but I dont promise anything... (Bad new)
  • Thanks for all donations Ive arrived the 8 € thanks dudes keep going
  • About galaxy ace, which Im currently a bit out, we have beta 6 for CM10.1 and really good, you guys must test it
Ok now Ill continiue working in galaxy ace i CM7 but imprive what we got is really difficult so as many of you will now, surpisingly some users dont, no ETA, thanks and stay tuned

PD: sorry for some typo's Ive updated from my new tab (nexus 7)


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