How long? Some big news

Yeah, it has been a long since I did not update the blog. I was really busy on school, all my exams (20) where concentrated in a month + the free time I got, was for android development, spent on XDA. OK, let's start, I've many things to told you:

Last new of this device, was that RC1 was out, well now RC4 is out and RC5 will be soon. Till RC2 - RC4 main change is that USB Mass storage and Bluetooth are fully working. 
Thanks to the new bluetooth implementation of BlueZ by androidmeda, we can now reproduce the radio app, Effem with the bluetooth working on CM10.1. RC5 will be soon, for now on, releases will be as CM team decide to release a new version, in this case RC5.
You could get the download of the ROM in my Download page or on XDA.

Well, things were a bit moved over these days. No ROM was released, but lot of progress was made: 
On the first part we have lots and lots of fixes of the new ROM, beta 4. I won't say anything as some of them needs more test than what we think.
Legolas93, was added to BroadcomCM to support the first no-samsaung device, alcatel v860 also known as Vodafone Smart II. This device will support CM7 from us. Legolas93 has lot of work to do as it's not a samsung device, and needs to change many things.
Kissingmylove, developer of BroadcomCM for Galaxy Pop plus / Mini i has been the first member of the group to build a kernel, based on pshychoGame's kernel for tassve, pop plus. What can this be important? because we can have the same kernel for our 4 samsung devices supported, bcm21553-common kernel is possible.
As you know, I don't have the device anymore, so I can not make big progress on it witout the device. But actually donations are been good, and I'm nearly to have the device. I founded a facebook group, called Galaxy Ace i. They are from Spanish country's but they helped me a lot on the donations (I'm waiting it...), so please, if you could not donate me to the device, press a LIKE on his page, they will be happy about it.
My testers are testing all the changes I make, but thats pretty slow, and actually WIFI is broken due to all the changes I made on last 2 months.

OK, so summer has just began (actually a week more of school) but no more exams, waiting for the marks. 
I'm making the new blog, so download part will be a bit moved these days, I'm starting learning HTML a bit, now I know how images goes to link.
Also, I'll create, maybe, a BroadcomCM web page, with the donations I'll get for the device, there you would have all news for the organization, and I'll make all the members able to post their news. What do you guys think?
Best regards, sorry for not updating, bieltv.3



  1. Keep on the good work Bieltv.3 !!

    And hope you score well on your exams..!!

  2. Hey, I have flashed cm 10.1 RC2 on my galaxy ace. It's amazing! It would be even more awesome if the audio routing was fixed. And Swype does not work on the stock keyboard. I had to download swype seperately. I would be grateful if there are some fixes on that in the new builds. Looking forward to it!


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