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Hi to all! Ace i users, did you like RC2? Well this message is just a simple call, to remember that you can donate me some money to thank me, but I won't write DONATE TO ME! I'm asking again donations for a reason.

As you may know, CM7.2 RC2 is pretty stable, but it have some minor bugs. Some of the bugs it has are like SIM Toolkit, USB tethering and some users problem with 3g and data. Also CM9 development, to fix RIL.

If you followed the development of this ROM, you may know that, thanks to donations, I could buy this phone, but as they were not too many, I needed to buy a broken phone, to speed up development. And well, it was fast, right?

I'm asking donations to repair this bug, and be able to take all the test to fix those. You may thing, they are really small bugs I don't use, but we must get the stable ROM. So I need to fix it, dunno yet how much money will be, but a bit sure, so if you can donate me something, and I'll put you on thanks, on my donation page.

This is the problem my device has: it needs professional welding...

You can give me donations or in my donations page or CLICK ON THE BUTTON BELOW


  1. He donado €10, no son muchos pero creo que te ayudaran. Gracias a todo tu equipo por el trabajo que haceis. Espero ver CM7 y CM9 estables muy temprano, mi Galaxy Ace-i los necesita.
    GRACIAS :-)

    P.S. Perdonais mi horrible espanhol

  2. i am donate 0.5 euro, better than nothing) greatings from ukraine, crimea

  3. hey biel, why u don't sell ur 5830? do u still need it? i really want to donate u 30€, but i'm <18 :'( :'(

  4. Hi Biel , can you add a progress bar of your donation on your blog?
    Thank you for your hard work. You are cool

    PS: Sorry for my bad English

  5. Moneybookers is better than Paypal

  6. Are you developing ICS ou JB for Galaxy Ace I? If yes, lmk to send you some donation.

  7. The only problem you have is a broken SIM card slot? That's not hard to repair at all !!
    I could even do it for you! :-) (seriously)


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