Back from vacation and first work

 Hi to all! I got back from my holidays. They were reañly good. This is not a topic to talk on my android development blog, so I won't talk anymore.


What I really want to talk about is one of the first fixes I did. One of the BIG problems RC1 was having was about the sound. Sound was using a libs pathched by psychogame, but they were not 100% functional. WHat I did today, was reverting all his audio work, just to go back to beta 3 audio system, which was working fine. The problem is that the ROM was not booting, and the problem was, apart from a few boardconfig configurations, that Mediaserver was releated to AUDIO libs! WHat I did? Was replace the mediaserver from beta 3, and was booting good!

What was working then? AUDIO was working fine! Button backlight was working again too! but... media scanner was broken, again, due to CM need to implement his mediaserver system to work, stock / beta 3 mediaserver breaks the media scanner we fixed on beta 4...

This is kind of weird, and I've less ideas than before to fix the audio thing, due to this way we could fix it, we founbd that media scanner was broken.

Don't know how, samsung linked the audio samsung s*** stuff with the media server and the button-backlight... really weird. I need to continue working on it...


  1. it's Samsung, of them can be all expected

  2. Keep your hard work, that I'll still give you Thanks in XDA!


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