CM7 Basic Kernel CM7 v 1.0

Ok, so the first kernel from my part is released. Version 0.1 was released by it was not my build, was hell-lock (Protoype-U) kernel, with edited ramdisk to work with the WIFI from CM7 Beta 4. Today I'm here to present you the first kernel done by me, builded by me from Samsung official sources, and compatible with the new CM7. Here are all the changelog it includes:

  • First release of this kernel builded from source
  • First kernel with my name on it
  • Added new modify it ramdisk 
  • Compressed throug LZMA using Lopicl.00 kitchen
  • Added all the configs necessary to use Bluetooth on CM
  • Ramdisk edited to work with CM7 - RC1 thanks to savie and legolas93
  • Bluetooth working on new CM7 release, which should be RC1
  • Fixed CM7 bootanimation - thanks Prototype-U
Actual release is Beta 4 so bluetooth won't work, but will on RC1 which is expected to release this month, need some more changes to it.

You can Download the kernel on our download page, in BroadcomCM, Galaxy Ace i.

Or click here to go faster: CLICK HERE And choose the kernel


  1. Hey! hello :) you're doing a great job with the room, just a question, the kernel always have bug with read SIM contacts??? thanks :D good luck

    1. I can not test that, due to RIL is broken on my phone, sorry, check it out and tell! :)

  2. biel great work.
    could u also fix the audio in future release, many people are experiencing prop with audio app. could be the patch audio libs. please check


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