Last Bugs on CM 7.2

Yesterday I release Beta 4 which was really expected by many users from FB, Twitter, XDA or 4PDA. Do you like it, leave a comment below of your impressions of the ROM. What I want to do now, is as we are near a good CyanogenMod 7.2, I'll like to remember all the users all the bugs the ROM have, and which of them can be easily fixed or not. Actually we are having 4 important bugs on the ROM. I'll explain all of them, how can be fixed or how can't be fixed, here there is the list of the 4 bugs, please users don't complain, because these are the really big bugs we need to solve asap, or at least do what we can:


  • Bluetooth: We still need to implement BT config on kernel and ROM, still WIP.

  • Flash on camera: I've not take a look yet through it... and don't know from where to start (minor bug compared to others)

  • Signal Bars: That is a weird thing it is happening to our CM just on cooperve. Actually Spacecaker fixed by using ro.telephony.ril_class=SamsungRIL but we were having some issues with calls. Calls work perfectly but using ro.telephony.ril_class=samsung which breaks signal bars, need to take a look at it.

  • Video encode and Decode (Camera preview and video playback): Video player does not work, that is because Samsung used OpenCore libs to encode and decode. This lib is used on froyo 2.2 but implemented by Samsung on GB 2.3. As you may know, CyanogenMod is pure android 2.3.7 experience, so Opencore is not implemented. Opencore is merged inside used on this CM, but as we don't have the Opencore sources for this device, we can not backport the driver to new 2.3.7 ROM. We also, of course, can not use OPencore libs on this ROM, won't work (already try it) What does this bug make not to work:
    • Camera preview (white)
    • Video Playback
    • Possible glithces on screen

All of this bugs are really hard to fix, but we are doing our best. Reboot issue are due to Broadcom libs provided, they are not really good, and stability goes down... We can not do anything about it... OR YES? ;) SOMETHING BIG IS COMING...


  1. Que grande bielt buen trabajo, A veces se me reinicia solo el movil es el unico bug que he encontrado. gracias por el trabajo

  2. mis botones tactiles no encienden, la pantalla de bloqueo se muestra con errores cuando estan los botones del reproductor, las canciones se loguean y pasan a la siguiente, en el menu de seleccionar un timbre el telefono se pone lento, estos son los bugs que he encontrado, cualquier cosa contais conmigo

  3. Possible solutions to the problems of signal bars.

  4. Some thing BiG is Comming OMG Teel us :)

  5. Something related to a Broadcom release?

  6. [*quote]

    I'm hard... ;D


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