Main bugs remaining + vacations ^^

Well, as I usually do, after a release, I would like to explain as more as I can about on the bug we found on RC1. So here are the main problems:

  • Flash on camera: As far as I know, I've investigated about it, and samsung used a weird interface to work with the flash on camera in stock rom. there is not a dedicated folder for that led, so i don't know yet how to implement it on CM7 camera app. What I think is that as oyur devices we share the kernel: totoro, tassve and luisa, have not a LED flash, they did not introduce either for cooperve, what they didi was put a file system inside camera app, so the flash can just work on this. I'm not really sure about it, but I need to take a look. 
  • BLN, button backlight: They are not responding as it should, just when changing the screen brightness they workk. This has been broken on beta 4, I need to look why, due to on beta 3 were working. on RC1 I replaced also lights.bcm21553 and all sensor libs, but still not luck with it. 
  • Offline charging: This is a bug that, when you plug your phone to charge, while it is OFF, the phone will freeze due to I did not add the files necessary to work yet, it will be implemented as soon as possible. (Also kernel/ramdisk need modifications)  
  • HQ VIdeo Playback: Due to we are using ALCATEL libs, HQ is still an issue for samsung devices. I need to take a look at the HQ.
  • Audio rotate: his bug has been reported today, and it's kind of weird. I've no music on my ace i device, so I could not test. Some users are experiencing random changes on music, DSP force close, and rotation to audio speaker. I really need to take a lok through it for next release.

As we are using alcatel pre-built libs due to his devices uses nearly an AOSP ROM

Well, due to this libs are prebuilt libs, and just work 100% on AOSP, some CM configs does not work, and this include this:

  • CRT Animation: This is a CM implelemtation, not on stock ROM from alcatel, so libs are not prepared to work with it.
  • Screen Rotation animation: I don't know why, libsurfaceflinger is not compatible with effect of rotate CM do, that is why I've added a configuration on the build.prop that reverts the animation, making the rotation witout animation, jsut rotates as it should. If I activate the animation, green screen will show up while animation is working.

Yeah, tomorow I'm moving to Berlin for a week with the family, so I'll not develop during this time. I'll give a signature on my XDA profile. During this period, spacecaker will try to respond to all the quesions you have and yeah, he is preparing something new for 2 devices... not releated to CM, but nearly ;)
See you next sunday! Have a good day


  1. Primero de todo, te deseo unas buenas vacaciones Biel, estoy muy agradecido por el trabajo y el esfuerzo que estás realizando en nuestro dispositivo. Te explico unos bugs que me he encontrado:
    - Se reciben a veces sonidos de notificaciones aunque el teléfono esté en silencio.
    - No se muestra correctamente cuando "clickas" en la pantalla (Por ejemplo: en whatsapp, cuando pulsas sobre una conversación para abrirla, no se pone azul para indicar que la has marcado y a continuación se abre, se abre sin mostrar cual has pulsado. Otro ejemplo: en la market cuando buscas una app y pulsas en una, el rectangulo que la incluye y pulsas y se debería poner azul o del color que toque, no se colorea o se colorea mal)
    - El reproductor de música a veces da fallo de "El reproductor no puede reproducir este archivo", cuando se trata de un archivo .mp3 o .wav, que debería de reproducir sin problemas.

    Son bugs minoritarios poco importantes.

    Bueno, una vez más muchísimas gracias por todo tu esfuerzo y tus conocimientos en nuestro dispositivo, y por traernos esta build tan completa y estable porfin.
    Mucha suerte y gracias una vez más. Un saludo.

  2. Everythings working pretty well now. CM7 is supper smooth!
    Found few more bugs.
    1. Lock-screen gets unlocked by pressing menu button, though settings is disabled in CM settings->Lock screen
    2. Music changes automatically if any notification is received with ringtones enabled. [Work around: Put notifications to vibrate mode, and notification ringtone to silent]
    3. Brightness not changing by sliding on status bar, after enabling option in CM settings.
    4. "Sound" in settings is buggy while selecting ringtone.[you have to wait a bit, before listening to tones]
    5. DSP manger sometimes FC
    6. Some icons look pixallated is seen close.
    7. Consumes battery bit more than stock.

  3. No me funciona el 3G, osea por ejemplo en whatsapp puedo enviar y recibir mensajes pero si abro la Play Store me sale sin conexión, y el Navegador tampoco me abre ninguna página.

  4. is this a bug cant make an event on calendar


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