RC2 fixes

I think is time to reveal, some of the work I made yesterday with all the knowledge I got in the other post, down here. Actually I want to comment you REALLY good news: AUDIO has been fixed, 100% working, but I've more to show, sometime I think you should take a look at this video: This is the pre-RC2 that whould be out soon just need some more changes and a bit of more compatiblity with some libs, take a look at the video:

On this I show hwo Audio works and...


  1. Awesome! I cant't wait...

  2. Oh great :)

    How was Berlin?

  3. Oye muy bien bielt buen trabajo cuando la subes

  4. thanx boss u r already a legend

  5. From now, i will call you "Biel the Mith".
    Or do you prefer "Biel the Boss" or "Biel the Legend" maybe????
    And now the "Bielichesim" is my religion, my lord

  6. Gracias por el tiempo dedicado a ese/este celular que en cierta forma "compartimos". Merci beaucoup, danke, thank you. Espero que te vaya bien.

  7. If HQ Video worked, does it mean that 3D Games like Temple Run would work without any lag?..Hope that is the next big surprise in store for us :)


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