Torch Fix for GT-S5830i

Well, as some of you know, I just had the device one day, and here is my first fix. There are lots of them for new version of ROM, beta 4, that I did during this last 4 months ad all my testers test them. But look what donations have done, one day with the device one big fix. This fix is about the torch application. Modifying the ramdisk and the torch overlay I finally get it to work. There was aguy from 4pda who get it to work, but modding smali code, which I don't like as for building from source is better to have everything in a device tree and not separete.

Well I liked yesterday to show the "unboxing" of the Galaxy Ace i, so I've prepared a video too of the torch app, and yeah I've commented it a bit, SORRY for my bad english, this is my first commented video, hop you'll understand.

The ROM on the video is one of the last builds I've made, so it's near to beta 4, look the smoothnes of it ;) Here you go:


  1. I guess, Big update coming up for our S5830i (ACEi). CM7 Beta 4 by u(bieltv.3), and ThunderKernel-RC by Lopicl.00 (wifi fixed, bluetooth fixed, camera fixed, headphone fixed, CM support, CWM inbuilt and EXT4 support). A great thanks to all of u. Impress by your quick update just in-a-day. Thanks. Waiting.

  2. Woo not too fast haha thunderkernel won't be the CM kernel, we are using hell-lock on beta 4 with modded ramdisk. Also lopicl is helping me, because next build will include my kernel, on beta 4 it is just a edited kernel.


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