WIFI working on Beta 4

So I've just fixed wifi modyfing ramdisk. I must give a very big thanks to my partners Prototype-U (for kernel, zImage) and lopicl.00 (for the base of my new ramdisk). On this Kernel we have included CWM by default and fixed WIFI for new CM as you may know wifi was broken as we used in the past Unix standard socket and now we changed to use Android private socket which moves much more faster than before on CyanogenMod. That's why we needed to edit the ramdisk and unfortunatly the ramdisk just becomes CM usuable, so the Kernel I'll provide with CM in this thread it will be just CM compatible (I think it was time for a CM kernel). I'll levae you a screenshoot here as I did some videos, and everyone has seen wifi working on Beta 3 but was broken, and we fixed edititng ramdisk.

Kernel Thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2253010

Remember, this could not be possible without Percy-g2, Prototype-U and Lopicl.00 help! You should give them thanks too.


  1. Hi beta 4 download link and typing bugs i am sorry my bad engilish iam turkis


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