CM7 RC1 for tassve is out!

So after first alpha 1 (old RC1) release which was causing lots of FC, I fixed just today, and as my tester can say everything now works as RC4 for cooperve, so RC1 for tassve is out! Here is the changelog (short):

  • Fixed all Force close with launcher, status bar, lockscreen and apps
  • All should work as RC4 by cooperve
There is 2 bugs that makes diferent the RC4 than RC1 and this is Bluetooth and offline charging. Kissingmylove will fix this as soon as possible, becasue it is just kernel (ramdisk) releated.

To install this build flash Cyanus Kernel, which support CM7 and EXT4. Here you can download it: CYANUS KERNEL

Installation instructions and ROM downlaod can be found HERE

NOTE: Old RC1 has been renamed to alpha 1, this is new RC1 :)


  1. how to install

    1. Biel encontré esta solicitud en uno de los últimos comentarios del foro yo tengo una cuenta en por que en ocasiones hay buenas causas y esta es una de ellas y YO FIRME, podrías ayudar a que este enlace sea visible para todos en el foro y ademas en los otros grupos de desarrolladores como AndroidarmV6, es un intento que no podemos dejar pasar ademas sabemos que antes fuimos escuchados por uno de los ingenieros de Broadcom Nick Lambourne and David's)(broadcom)-open-dialogue-with-broadcom/, solo que esa vez el dialogo abierto se lleno de spamers y noobsters preguntando por ETAs.
      Está vez si se puede Biel

  2. Thank you Biel, and install it in my mobile, which does not work is the Bluetooth or the screen orientation, and not animations screen, even so, I am happy with that my mobile have CyanogenMod;)

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  4. Great, its nice to see it :)

  5. Is this for Samsung Galaxy Ace s5830/39i

    1. No, this is for "TASVE" also known as Galaxy Mini "i" 5570i.

      For "COOPERVE" or also known Galaxy Ace "i" 5830i you already have the RC4 ;)

  6. Hello.
    I'm Töki33 from Hungary. Thank you for your work.But i have a question.
    After install the rom,(S5570I) it's work very fine but the gapps don't work.
    What can i do?
    Thank you.

  7. Tanks my brother

  8. el volumen de la musica es bajo.

  9. Amigos, si llegamos a la cifra de 6.000, liberan los drivers, aqui está la página web / Friends, if we reach the figure of 6000, free drivers, here is the website



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