CM7 Specific Basic kernel v 3.0 #7 is out!

Yeah, my last work on kernel it's out, and this include one of the most awarded fixes. Offline cahrign has been fixed on CM7. The real proble, thanks to Lopicl.00 was that system, data and cache was in EXT4 while the init.charge mounted on RFS, that makes the not wokring animations. PLUS thanks that on RC4 I added all the necessary libs to work with Offline chargin, flashing this kernel will solve the Offline chargin

ROM - BASED ON RC4! THAT'S IMPORTANT, only RC4 Rom's can work with this fix. As they have necessary binaries.

Here is the litle changelog:
  • Clean Ramdisk as always :)
  • Included EXT4 and RFS (for not causing bricks) mounts on init.charge.rc
  • Start EXT4-fix in init.charge to mount syste, data, cache on inir.charge.rc and solve offline charging.

Downloads can be found HERE on v 3.0 #7


  1. hola biel me fallan las notificaciones de mi twitter desde que instale cyanogenmod 7 Rc4 ¿como lo puedo arreglar? gracias y saludos :)

    1. Biel encontré esta solicitud en uno de los últimos comentarios del foro yo tengo una cuenta en por que en ocasiones hay buenas causas y esta es una de ellas y YO FIRME, podrías ayudar a que este enlace sea visible para todos en el foro y ademas en los otros grupos de desarrolladores como AndroidarmV6, es un intento que no podemos dejar pasar ademas sabemos que antes fuimos escuchados por uno de los ingenieros de Broadcom Nick Lambourne and David's)(broadcom)-open-dialogue-with-broadcom/, solo que esa vez el dialogo abierto se lleno de spamers y noobsters preguntando por ETAs.
      Está vez si se puede Biel

  2. I can't find the word to describe this... but this is A-W-E-S-O-M-E

    Thanks Biel <3

  3. Wow this is amazing, I hope that we are able to have the CRT animation and the rotation animations fixed next! Biel you have done something amazing again well done.

    1. With CRT fixes we must wait with driver. I know, we have Alcatel hw libs, but we must wait until someone from BRCMCM team implement it to driver.

  4. I don't care about CRT animations, actually I disable all this stuff, I just want more performance and stability :)

    Thanks for this fix Biel, you and all broadcomcm team are amazing, love you guys :)

  5. Thanks Biel uncle :D I wan to for s5830i cm 9!!!

  6. Y el problema con las google apps? Ya fue solucionado?

    1. Only charging and EXT4 fixes included, so you must do it yourself until will be fixed:
      Install Kernel & ROM (without GApps).
      Boot and reboot recovery.
      Install GApps.
      When attempt to add accout, add it (necessary).
      When attempt to install apps first time, dont skip.
      Wait until PlayStore will be updated.

  7. Yea GApps
    For example link in post "CyanogenMod 7.2 - 2.3.7 Gingerbread"

  8. yo tuve que flashear la rom como 3 veces para que funcionaran bien las gapps XD, pero ya todo listo con este kernel la rom anda fenomenal !!! :D, buen trabajo bielt :D.

    PD: Podrias incluir las gapps en la rom para que no den problemas :D, saludos desde chile.

  9. Great work Biel!
    Are you going to incorporate other governors in the next kernels?
    That would be awesome!!!!

  10. Hi bieltv3.

    After flashing kernel and reeboting into the CWM the recovery can't mount the SD card (FAT32 file system). Which file system must use?
    Sorry for my poor english


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