New Kernel and new RC information

So I think the new EXT4 partition is ready to be released. Maybe it is not perfectioned, but I think it can be isntalled pretty well. As kernel with EXT4 needs also an EXT4 ROM, this obligates me to release new RC for CM7. It won't include as much changes as other RC, but the main change will be ext4 partition working. That was an objective we said a few months back, and now is reality so, I think it is as important for release new CM release. Maybe most of users will ask some questions I'll try to answer:


Why do we need ext4 partition?
Well, we don't need it, but it gives much more better performance than RFS, stock one, so it is also good to upgrade.

What can normal users (not developers) expect for EXT4 partition?
Apart from a better performance, system will be much faster than before. Also, the first change I've seen pretty fast is the media scanner. Some users reported that media scanner was a bit slow. Now with EXT4 is really fast, and faster than on stock ROM's.

How can we install the EXT4 partition system?
It has a more complex procedure than before. I'll try to make a video, on how to install CM7 in EXT4 from Stock ROM in RFS. Remember EXT4 partition system changes your /data /cache /system to EXT4, and EXT4 is not compatible with stock ROM. So I'll make 2 videos, for noob/newbie users:
  • Install CM7 in EXT4 from Stock in RFS
  • Revert Stock in RFS from CM7 in EXT4
What will that suppose for other ROM's?
Well, CM7 will be now on EXT4 partition, followed by AOSP (by spacecaker) and Cyanmobile (by Lopicl WIP), all from BoradcomCM. If you want to install a stock based ROM again, you should take a look at the video I'll try to record, the second one listed

When will it be?
Shall I answer this question? I think not.

So as said, RC and new kernel by me should be pretty soon. RC won't include lots of changes due to main change are on kernel this time. Stay tuned for the video, because I'll publish it a bit before the ROM and kernel will be released. They should be released at the same time,  due to one can not work with the other!

Also I'll like to thank a lot to Kissingmylove, to the ext4 support and Lopicl.00 who teach me to revert from EXT4 to RFS, and I'll make a video about it.


  1. Thanks Bieltv.3 for you time and all you hard work!

  2. Thank u my bro very nice working

  3. when will u upload the video..???


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