New Recovery for S5830i users

Well, as you know my new kernel is coming soon, but I'm still every day improving it. What I've done today is win a bot more of stability using other recovery bin prebuilt. 

What I realize is that some images on our CWM were like weird... Don't know if someone realize that. Actually is a problem with our graphics libs. As you may know (if you followed CM development since the start) when we had not support from broadcom libs, colors on ROM were really weird, and that happens to on our CWM and also is stock samsung recovery! 

What I've been working tonight its for a patch for it. If normal images are reverted... let's revert normal images, so here is the result: (lot of photoshop)

So with just a simple think that no one had it before, we are near to have a perfect CWM. Oh don't know if you see the CWM diferent than yours. I like to call this a HD CWM, because can work on Galaxy Y too, vut if we add to cooperve, the letters are small, but on a size that I think is perfect, and better than before. Also, read last line of the installing procedure, what does it say?
Stay tuned for more news soon!


  1. Recovery touch?

  2. letters in blue and orange as the official cwm

  3. Will you make two zips like this one on screenshot?

    1. That's not possible as the ROM and Kernel must be made for one system, it will take a lot of coding to make both possible

    2. I think about going to EXT4 from RFS, and back.
      Actually if i have RFS i'm flashing kernel with EXT4, reboot to recovery, and format /system /data /cache. And coming back to RFS only in Odin (flashing PDA).
      If it's possible to make a recovery which formats EXT4 to RFS I'll be impressed. If not: I'll stay on old method of formating to RFS.
      Best regards.
      Oh: I've SGS3 V6.0 on my EXT4 and I've booted normally stock on this FS so ROM mustn't be made for FS. Only kernel.

  4. Para cuando esta lista la rom bielt

  5. what's the purpose of this release if more than half the features are not working?
    What's not working:

    Important things
    Media Scanner
    3G + Data
    Alot of more things

    1. As I know it's fault of incorrect flash process. Do it again with RC3 and Kernel 2.0 #5. Mine CM have Audio, Wifi, Camera (both photo and video), bluetooth. You're right with media scanner and 3g + data, but Phone is working! Next time try to flash it correctly.

      PS: Sorry for my english.


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